Cairns Group Ministers Welcome Mandate on Agriculture

14 November 2001

The Cairns Group Ministers of fair agricultural traders today welcomed the WTO Ministerial Declaration adopted in Doha.

Fifteen years after the Group’s establishment, an important milestone on the path to fundamental agricultural reform has been reached.

“We now have agreed to negotiate the phase out of all forms of export subsidies, substantial improvements in market access and substantial reductions in trade distorting support” Cairns Ministers said.

“The mandate agreed in Doha on agriculture will enable the Group to pursue its objectives in the negotiations for a fair and market orientated agricultural trading system.”

Ministers said they were looking forward to the negotiations getting underway, in particular the speedy development of modalities necessary for agriculture trade to take place based on market forces.  

The Group has played a key role in building developing country support for agricultural reform and its relevance to development.  The Group said it remains fully committed to working to enhance special and differential treatment provisions to address the needs of developing countries in these negotiations.

Last Updated: 24 February 2016