Cairns Group[1]

20 November 2002

Negotiating Proposal on Market Access - Additional Specific Input

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The following represents an additional input on linkages between the three pillars foreshadowed in the Cairns Group negotiating proposal on Market Access (JOB(02)/112, dated 12 September 2002 refers).

Balancing Linkages Between the Three Pillars

Developing and least-developed countries should not be compelled to compete with products receiving trade-distorting support which largely originate from developed countries.  For this reason the Cairns Group proposes a new mechanism to allow developing and least-developed countries to impose an additional duty to protect their agricultural industries from the harm from subsidised competition. 

This mechanism, to be developed, would enable developing and least developed countries to impose an additional duty to be defined on agricultural products exported from WTO Members where those products receive trade-distorting export subsidies and/or trade distorting domestic support measures.

[1] Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, New Zealand, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay.  Canada's proposal to improve market access for all agricultural and food products is set out in G/AG/NG/W/12 of 19 June 2000 and subsequent presentations. 

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