Cairns Group Ambassadors

19 January 2004

Cairns Group Statement

The Cairns Group welcomes the signal by the United States that it intends to engage actively in the WTO agriculture negotiations in 2004 with a view towards achieving an ambitious result.

The recent letter to WTO ministers from the United States’Trade Representative, Bob Zoellick, is a positive contribution to what must be a joint effort by all WTO Members to push forward in the WTO agriculture negotiations.  This is important not only for international agricultural reform but also for the broader Doha Development Agenda. 

The Cairns Group shares the view expressed in the letter that an ambitious result on agriculture is essential for the round to succeed.  The Group also agrees that to be successful the negotiations must result in a certain end date for the elimination of export subsidies.  We also believe that the three pillars are linked and therefore need a high and balanced level of ambition across all the pillars of the agriculture negotiations, not least domestic support.

The Cairns Group calls on all WTO Members to renew their efforts to produce a timely outcome in the agriculture negotiations with a level of ambition which meets the mandate decided in Doha.

Last Updated: 24 February 2016