Cairns Group Ambassadors

17 December 2003

Cairns Group Statement

The Cairns Group welcomes the positive indications of WTO Members in recent weeks and at the General Council meeting on 15-16 December to re energise the Doha negotiations and looks forward to resuming work early next year. 

The Cairns Group is determined to preserve the high level of ambition in agriculture agreed at the outset of the Doha Development Round two years ago.  We will work with all WTO Members to achieve real reform in world agricultural trade. 

We are pleased that all WTO Members have reaffirmed their commitment to advance these negotiations.  We must translate these words into action.  The major subsidising Members of the WTO have a special responsibility to show leadership by demonstrating their commitment to implement faithfully all parts of the reform mandate agreed at Doha.  Thus these members must move beyond their current positions and lift their level of ambition in line with the Doha mandate if they are serious about advancing the negotiations and making a success of the Doha Round.  We are certainly ready to do our part towards meeting that objective and call on other Members to do likewise.   

It is clear that making genuine progress on agriculture is essential to making progress across the entire Doha agenda particularly in order to meet the development dimensions of the Round.  Now is the time for all WTO Members to redouble their efforts to live up to the Doha mandate on agriculture –and to unlock the substantial gains that this Round can bring to the welfare of our people.

Cairns Group Ministers plan to meet next in San Jose, Costa Rica, on 23 and 24 February 2004.

Cairns Group Members are : Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay

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